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Innovation, dedication and commitment to the highest quality ensure Elite Food Group (formerly Elite Pavlova) continues to be New Zealand’s leading Pavlova, Lamington and Meringue manufacturer

Elite Food Group (formerly Elite Pavlova) is a family owned and operated business based in Blenheim, New Zealand offering a delicious range of sumptuous desserts to the local, national and international market.

The origins of our company can be traced back to the early 1900s and the continued success of Elite Food Group (formerly Elite Pavlova) over the years can be attributed to our three guiding principles; respect, trust and honesty.

These allow us to maintain excellent relationships with our many retailers around New Zealand as well as providing ongoing support.

Elite Food Group (formerly Elite Pavlova) has a loyal and stable crew, with staffers often gaining promotions to higher positions within the company. The continuity of personnel allows our principles to stay constant over time. Moreover, our dedicated and experienced team are always pursuing new ideas and innovations, which will continue to cement our company’s place at the leading edge of the market in New Zealand. We are always pushing to maintain this position; and our use of the best available production practices and technology as well as state of the art HACCP approved facilities ensures this will continue.

At Elite Food Group (formerly Elite Pavlova), our excellent nationwide reputation guarantees timely delivery and consistently supreme products. One hundred percent New Zealand owned and manufactured – our pavlova, meringue and sponge products profiled never fail to delight the senses.


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